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The Fazendinha Nightclub

Working alongside a talented crew from the firm Werk Architecture, architect and designer Fabio Ignacio acted as Team Manager for this auspicious and iconic nightclub project.


On-site for over three months in 2013, the renovation and extension project overseen by Fabio, included a drastic increase in building and floorspace, a complete update and modernisation of the visual 'look' of the interors, with a strong focus on profit maximisation from a relaunched and renewed brand. 

The nightclub is located in a rural area of Hortolandia, Brazil. Upon completion of this succesful and well-revieved project, the Fazendinha Nightclub continues to immortalise moments for its tens-of-thousands patrons all year long. 


Thanks to Ignacio and his team, after 39 years in operation, one of Brazil's most noble nightclubs has once again become the pinacle of destinations for people young and old, with an atmosphere full of charm and sophistication.

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