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Social Security Institute of Campinas City

In 2013, Fabio Ignacio managed the team that designed this auspicious construction. The project brings together residential, commercial and instututional componants within one precinct.

The buildings is part of a milieu of showpiece architectural designs. The street itself, where the Social Security Institute is situated, is heterogeneous, ”a hodgepodge of freestanding buildings of different heights and shapes, with neither historical tradition nor common standards,” explains Ignacio. 

The new istitute's design was an attempt to add this missing atmosphere to the street with a transparent facade and a public plaza, and removes its interiors from the public realm with a contemporary facade, broken only by the enticing glass in the front wall.


The multi-story construction was planned on the principles of “more like a department store than a government facility, and more open than hidden," says Ignacio on the design.

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